Diatro - Steril

Sunshine Solution Diatro Clean Disinfectant is used for Chemo-thermal disinfection of Haemodialysis machines with recirculation and is bio-degradable. It can be used in any Dialysis machine. It is used for Thermal disinfection. Processed as per the market norms, offered disinfectant is broadly popular in the medical field owing to its quality. We are giving this disinfectant at nominal rates to our customers.

Disinfectant Fluid For Haemodialysis Machine

Decalicification, Disinfection and Biodegradable Agent



S.NoEach ML Containsw/w
1Citric Acid21%
2Malic Acid, Lactic Acid as Adjuvants
3Purified Water Q.S

Available Size:

5 Liter Pack