SB 650

Sodium Bicarbonate IP 650 gms (Part- B Solution) - SB 650

Approved by the Drug Control Department to manufacture Haemodialysis fluids Acetate as well as Bicarbonate as per the standards under the heading “Concentrated Solution for Haemodialysis and Concentrated Acidic Solution for Bicarbonate Haemodialysis.

1:32.75:1.25 Dilution Proportioning

For Bicarbonate Haemodialysis Concentrate



S.NoEach Liter Contains  IonsmEq/L
1Sodium BicarbonateI.P.650 gms
2 Na+37

Instructions to Prepare:

- Take a wide vessel to hold 10 liters. Add it 8 liters of purified water/ RO water.

Step 1 : Add Sodium Chloride IP 650 gm powder to the water slowly simultaneously stirring with plastic / stainless steel stirrer

Step 2: Stir well. Filter the solution and use the freshly prepared solution for Bicarb dialysis

Available Pack Size:

8 Liter Mix Powder Pack