Bicarb - AFCT (PART-B)

Bicarb AFCT (Part-B) dry Bicarbonate concentrate is available in India in a dry powdered version.Bicarbonate levels used in dialysis solutions are set slightly higher than normal blood levels to encourage diffusion of bicarbonate into the blood and to act as a pH buffer to neutralize the metabolic acidosis that is often present in these patients.

1:32.75:1.25 Dilution Proportioning

For Bicarbonate Haemodialysis Concentrate



S.No Each Liter Contains     Ions mEq/L
1 Sodium Bicarbonate I.P. 4.063 Kg Na+ 34
HCO3- 34


1. Patients actively bleeding or who are at risk of hemorrhage.

2. Significantly reduces clotting in case of Heparin-free haemodialysis.

3. No Heparin related complications viz osteoporosis, pruritis, disturbed lipid metabolism.  

4. Reduces Inflammation.

5. Lowers dialysis related Inflammation.

6. Improves correction of acidosis

7. Require less storage space.

8. Improves treatment tolerance.

9. Reduces Heparin needs.

Direction For Use:

- Take a clean and calibrated container for mixing.

- Add 45 Ltr of purified water (recommended for dialysis using purified water) into the container.

- Empty entire contents from this 50 Lts mix package into the container and mix gently.

- Add the purified water to bring the total volume of solution to 50 liters.

- Mix solution until completely dissolved, check the clarity of solution, filter the solution, use for dialysis progress.

Available Pack Size:

50 Litre Mix