Concentrate Acidic Solution BP With 100 mg % Dextrose (Part- A Solution) -AWCD

Available product of concentrated acidic solution BP for bicarbonate Haemodialysis. 

1:34:1.83 Dilution Proportioning

For Bicarbonate Haemodialysis Concentrate



S.NoEach Liter Contains  IonsmEq/L
1Sodium ChlorideI.P.183.0 gmNa+85
2Potassium ChlorideI.P.5.5 gmK+2
3Magnesium ChlorideI.P.2.75 gmMg++0.75
4Calcium ChlorideI.P.8.0 gmCa++3
5Acetic AcidI.P.9.0 gmCH3COOH4
6Dextrose MonohydrateI.P.38.0 gmDextrose=5 m.mol
7Purified WaterI.P.QSCl-91

Available Pack Size:

20 Liter Pack